She is the princess of Sarasaland and in the game she was kidnapped by the evil alien Tatanga and Mario had to save her. Afterwards she made a few cameo appearances before appearing in the Nintendo 64 game Mario Tennis in , where Daisy first appeared as a playable character. Since then she has gained popularity and continues to appear in Mario spin-off game series such as Mario Kart , as a lightweight, Mario Party and Mario Strikers , among others. She eventually debuted as a fighter in the Super Smash Bros. Contents Appearance Princess Daisy’s classic appearance When Daisy first appeared in the Mario series, she had long ginger hair, a flower motif to her white and yellow dress, light skin, and a red crown. This outfit also included flower accessories such as a black flower brooch, flower earrings, and even flower jewels on her crown. The daisy-motif has only changed once since – a teal-blue color was added. In later games, such as Mario Party 3 and Mario Tennis, her appearance was refined. Giving her a rounder face, slightly darker skin tone, and a more auburn hair and wears a pink crown on her head. In Mario Party 4 , Daisy’s character design was altered again.

Toad and Toadette (ISSE)

It was previously known by the working title, Super Mario Stadium Baseball. Contents [ show ] Gameplay The gameplay of Mario Super Sluggers is similar to that of its predecessor; the main difference being the controls, with the Wii Remote adding immersion using a control scheme similar to the Baseball sub-game in Wii Sports. The items can be thrown at fielders in an attempt to keep them from catching the ball. Buddy Jump A Buddy Jump is a new technique in Mario Super Sluggers that allows a character who has chemistry with a nearby character to jump off of the other character and catch possible home runs.

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He is most known for his appearances in the Yoshi and Mario franchises. Yoshi is the cutest character, the second is Luma and the third is Toadette. Amy Rose has got nothing on Yoshi, plus Sonic Adventure is awesome! If this dinosaur don’t make you happy nothing will. Come on he’s cute and strong. In ssbb I destroyed bosses on intense with out dying once with yoshi.

Created by prominent game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, Luigi is portrayed as the slightly younger but taller fraternal twin brother of Nintendo’s mascot Mario, and appears in many games throughout the Mario Why do I think more of Luigi than anyone else? He has a distinguishable and amusing character, being the easily scared younger brother, he always follows his heart, and in Luigi’s Mansion stop hating and actually play it he shows how brave he is by fighting off hundreds of terrifying ghosts in order to save his brother.

He inspires others to try and faces his fears. He is also my favourite video game character. He is one of the best developed characters in the series and one of the only characters to earn his own official video game.

Fake or Gay: Yoshi and Turok

She made her debut in the American Idol reboot, but she wasn’t relevantly introduced until the following video, Mario’s New Girlfriend! She is a human that was born and raised in outer space by two green aliens, and it’s possible but inconfirmed that she still lives with them. She is known to be the adoptive mother of Jeffy. Contents [ show ] Biography In Rosalina’s Parents! Her real parents are unknown. Rosalina first appeared in the American Idol reboot series, but she wasn’t properly introduced until the video, Mario’s New Girlfriend!

Yoshi has appeared in every game dating from the first game, Super Smash Bros. to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Yoshi’s moveset has been kept the same throughout all games with very minor tweaks. Yoshi’s moveset has been kept the same throughout all games with very minor tweaks.

We have a special SG Choice to mark the occasion. I have to say that as usual the Kongs were my go to franchise when thinking about the Source Gaming choice. Dixie and Diddy Kong are such a fantastic couple. Dixie was literally made for Diddy, but is not defined by him. Not once has she ever been a damsel in distress that Diddy or anyone else has had to rescue. In fact, Dixie has had to rescue Diddy on two separate occasions.

Seldom are you able to play as both members of a love-struck couple in protagonistic roles in video games, especially Nintendo ones. In games in which they both appear, they are pretty much equals.

IS YOSHI GAY!!?!?!?!?!?

King Koopa is this straight for this part of the series. In “Elvin Lives” and “Escape from Koopatraz”. Forgot About His Powers: Often happens so the plot can progress: He only uses it once — on the local guest hero — but never even attempts to use it on Mario and co. Yet neither Mario and co.

Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai just released an image that could imply that Peach and Mario are tying the knot. Finally. Then again, perhaps not! “Whom is the ring for?” Sakura wrote above.

Birdo when she steals the egg. The Anarchist’s Ending and the Karma Ending are total flips of each other. Either Mario is cleaning the floors while Wario is laughing, or Wario is cleaning the floors while Mario is laughing. After Birdo defeats Wario and Waluigi and reunites with her baby, you have the option to punish them for their misdeeds or telling Birdo about the lost egg. The latter option is just a click away to the best ending, indicating that returning the lost egg was more important than disciplining Wario and Waluigi.

By giving them Laser-Guided Karma through picking the other ending, you’re just making the other Yoshis wait for an egg that will never come. That being said, Birdo does give them a good butt-whooping either way.

Lance Thirtyacre

Lance Ashton Thirtyacre or simply Lance is an American actor, comedian, and voice actor. He is Logan’s older brother and business partner. He formerly owned 19Lance He has also done a few minor roles, such as voicing Ken in the video Spoken , he was the voice of the burning evil ken. His talents are paramount to the channel’s success and although he has experienced the fame of YouTube, Lance remains humble and thankful to his fans.

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Yoshi has his own series with several games that are either puzzle games or platformers, including Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island and Yoshi Touch and Go. However, Yoshi does still appear quite frequently in the Super Mario series. The Yoshi series includes characters from the Mario series usually in their baby forms as well. He also appeared in many of the spin-off Mario games, such as the Mario Party series, the Smash Bros series, the Mario Kart series as well as in other various Mario sports titles, such as Mario Sports Mix.

He has also appeared in the Mario Party series. Since his debut, Yoshi received universal acclaim from critics, and fans and is seen as a cultural gaming icon, His references in TV shows, Movies, and possible upcoming events have spawned from his popularity in the ‘s. However, Shigeru Miyamoto has stated in interviews that he wanted Mario to ride an animal companion after the completion of Super Mario Bros. Apparently, technical restrictions on the NES kept Mario from being able to ride an animal, but with the development of the Super Famicom in , Yoshi could be created.

The character of Yoshi was specifically created by Shigefumi Hino, a graphics designer. Yoshi likely originated from another Nintendo character, Tamagon. Like Yoshi, Tamagon was a green lizard that hatched from an egg and could eat enemies with his large mouth. Tamagon makes exactly the same noise when he hatches as Yoshi does in Super Mario World.

Yoshi (character)

Since then, Birdo has been a recurring character in various franchise spin-offs. Initially, she was depicted as an antagonist, but has since been depicted as an ally. Birdo has also made several cameos, particularly in the Mario Kart series and the Japan-only Wii video game Captain Rainbow. The manual for Super Mario Bros.

Later releases of Super Mario Bros.

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May 08, , In reality, the castle life bores her tremendously. Especially because she is constantly surrounded by Toads, the most boring species in the entire Mushroom universe, a species so dull that no non-Toads can withstand prolonged exposure to them without being bored to the point of insanity. As a result of her life in this golden cage of boredom, Peach has secretly developed a desire for excitement and a taste for thrills.

Basically everything that breaks some societal rule is fair game. That’s why she sabotages her own defenses and allows Bowser to kidnap her every weekend so Mario can save her. She’s addicted to the adrenaline rush. Plus, from her point of view it’s like having two boyfriends at once, which is so deliciously forbidden that the entirety of Toad Town would collectively explode if they ever found out. However, the feeling is not mutual, it’s all in Peach’s head.

Neither Mario nor Bowser care much about Peach beyond her being a convenient tool to further their own agendas. In truth, Mario and Bowser have subconscious crushes on each other, but they force themselves not to acknowledge this due to the pressure both of their respective societies put on them, as well as due to the values they were raised on. The entire spiel of Peach getting abducted all the time and Mario being the shining hero that saves her is a twisted courtship ritual between the two.

This is also why Bowser’s plans always have exploitable holes:

Mario and Yoshi

And everyone has a Valentines date Sitting on a park bench, Fishy Boopkins chats on his laptop, apparently talking to someone named “Saiko-chan. Bob suddenly walks up to him and question’s if he’s alone on Valentines Day. Boopkins introduces him to Saiko, only for Bob to mock him for being so pathetic. Offended, Boopkins tries to defend Saiko, claiming that he chose her because of her special faults, despite how unpopular she is with other players. When Bob continues insult him, Boopkins takes the laptop and runs off, crying.

Directed by Jared Winkler. With Jared Winkler. Yoshi and Birdo meet up at the No-Tell Motel in this Cartoon Hook-Up.

Effectively Vineland Island’s mayor and landlord, he controls the day-to-day activities of his islanders. Vinny and Vinesauce are effectively interchangeable, to the point that Vinny often refers to Vinesauce as himself. Southbird tends to call him Vin. As the series progresses, he begins acting “in-character” as Vinesauce’s look-alike more frequently, particularly during the Jahns’ story arc.

This extends to art segments otherwise unrelated to Tomodachi Life. Often mirrors the viewers’ reactions to the islanders’ oddness. Best seen in the intro to episode 50, where he’s confused by the sudden presence of Mulder and Scully, as well as the equally sudden reappearance of Wario. Several characters from games and TV shows he likes have appeared as characters in the streams.

As of the start of the Survivor Edition, only Ben remains. In episode 49, while suffering from the Jahns’ mind control, a Freudian Slip implies that he sees all the islanders as memes. Various islanders’ voices tend to get on his nerves. While Seabiscuit’s voice had the excuse of genuinely hurting his ears due to the way it frequently spikes in pitch and volume, the rest are hated for other, less painful reasons. As the series progressed, he started to get easily irritated whenever an islander farts , good examples being Dolan and Vineschnoz.

This wasn’t the case earlier in the series, because Witch once caused him to burst into laughter and most other occurrences simply got a brief comment if they weren’t completely ignored.

Yoshi Loves Birdo