I am not trying to use the TV as a primary monitor but as a secondary one; like the one you can see in a computer show on TV. It can be made to work, but “sucks” doesn’t even come close to describing the visual result. And here’s a hint: At best a regular TV display is around x resolution. Years ago, when personal computers were first introduced to the mass market, they were actually designed to use TVs as monitors, at a default resolution of x , if I recall correctly. Anyone who had an Apple ][, as I did, will remember the 40 character display width. They’re not regular TV’s at all Resolutions that simply won’t work on a normal TV. Those “TV’s” on your favorite computer shows?

World of Warcraft functionality on Macs

And, of course, many MacBook owners also like to have a larger monitor in their office that will provide a bit more screen real estate for tasks such as video-editing or photography, or for working on some big spreadsheets in Excel. A larger screen can come in handy for iPads and other mobile devices too. There are plenty of professional-level graphics and design apps available for the iPad that can benefit from a larger display. Or maybe you just want to put your feet up and binge-watch House Of Cards on a larger screen.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on 4K or 5K displays either. If you just want to watch streaming video on Netflix or YouTube then there are plenty of affordable HD displays with standard x resolution that will fit the bill nicely.

Jul 15,  · Out of the box, the Mini can only attach one monitor. There are simple video splitters that could display the same image on two different monitors. Generally these require the monitors to have the same video specs. Matrox makes a product called DualHead2Go that allows you to display different images on two different VGA monitors at the same time.

Is the Air powerful enough? How is the response? Is there any flicker? See the video of the test for yourself. Windows, images and videos moved on the monitor with fluidity and crispness. For this article, we just did a quick test. If this enough information for you? What sort of graphics performance can you expect? There is a cost for this performance: These disadvantages — battery life, laptop size, fan noise from heat and cost are why the Air uses an integrated graphics processor.

The HD is fine for two dimensional graphics 2D graphics, typical in web browsing, word processing, spreadsheets, Photoshop, music production and basic video editing.

Internet Sharing – How to Get Revenge on the Cable Company

Share on Facebook Without a monitor connected to it, your new Mac Mini is little more than a shiny paperweight. The Mac Mini supports up to two displays at resolutions up to 2, by 1, pixels. Attaching a monitor to a Mini running OS X Yosemite is as simple as plugging a compatible cable into the computer and powering it up. Before you go plugging in your monitor, however, it’s essential that you verify that you’re using a cable that’s compatible with the Mac Mini.

I have 3 monitors on my Mac Mini Late model with i7 processor and 16 gig ram. Two are connected using adapters as stated above and the 3rd is a 23″ usb monitor merely plugged to the usb port. the usb monitor uses a built-in displaylink video card using the latest displaylink software for mac.

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I have a mid iMac I use at my office to keep my workspace clean and straightforward. It can easily take 4 minutes to fully boot to a useful state. I wanted to move my system device to an SSD to improve that performance.

Adapters for the Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) or USB-C port on your Mac or iPad Pro

Originally Posted by Cogiter Ekloo Insane hackery. Holy crap, that’s crazy. What ports does your Mac Mini have? I don’t remember, but doesn’t that one do HDMI? It sounds like your solution is to get a standard monitor rather than a TB display.

MacBook Pro (pictured), MacBook Air, iMac Pro, iMac, and Mac mini have multiple Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports. If your Mac has only one port like this, it’s a MacBook with USB-C. That port supports all but the Thunderbolt solutions in this article.

Stavros May 16, , 6: Our challenge though, is that our HOA would likely not be to happy with this size of an antenna. We have a fairly cool HOA, but this may be pushing it. Reply Llama May 17, , I already have one of those monstrosities on the roof left over from past owners! I assumed it was from the 70s for TV, but maybe not? Reply GregK May 18, , 9: See what kind of plans your local ISP has, maybe for business customers.

Reply Mark February 9, , 5: Starting to work on this very thing for my small HOA.

Run 2 monitors off Mac mini?

Mac Third Monitor Testing Jan 7th, I am not paid to review products. This post is here in hopes that it will benefit someone wanting more than 2 monitors for their Macbook laptop. If you do happen to click on one of the Amazon links below and purchase one of these products, Amazon will add a few cents to a gift card for me to use the next time I want to buy a Kindle book.

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid ), MacBook Pro (Retina, inch, Late ), and Mac Mini (Late and later) computers can use an HDMI-compatible device on it’s HDMI port while using one Thunderbolt display, or they can use two Thunderbolt displays.

I am thinking of getting a Mac mini Intel for my kids to use making movies and recording audio plus MIDI from their keyboard. But, I have some questions since is has been many years since I’ve been in the Mac world: I have an old 20″ Apple multiscan monitor. Any chance I can get it to work on the mini? You’ll need an adapter. The built-in video on the mini is DVI. It comes with an adapter to hook up an HD15 cable like those used by most commodity displays for the last umpteen years.

You’ll need a different adapter to connect to the DB15 connection from old Apple monitors, though. In all seriousness, it might be worth looking into replacing that monitor. I’d be surprised if its picture quality hasn’t substantially degraded. LCDs now are very good, not particularly expensive, and have the benefits of consuming less desk space and electricity and generating less heat.

Why aren’t new monitors shipping with DisplayPort cables?

We’ll be connecting these signals for a long time to come. It’s worth checking out. It is especially important to understand differences in electrical specifications. Connecting gear without proper electrical considerations could degrade the system’s performance, or even damage the equipment.

Jun 30,  · Connecting 2 High Res Monitors to Mac Mini (late ) I would connect the Eizo to the Thunderbolt (Mini DisplayPort) port and the AOC to the HDMI port. Mac Mini 2ghz quad core vs Mac Mini ghz dual core. Issues with USB Port (s) on my late Mac Mini.

Dual monitor support requires the use of at least one Thunderbolt display. Charging iPad 1, 2, 3 and also Apple SuperDrive support are enabled by above driver. One Thunderbolt 2 port must be connected to the computer. You will need to restart your computer afterward. Over 65 Experience Level: IT Professional Owned Product: I purchased one of these Docks some time ago must my equipment has grown and I needed a second Dock.

It has helped cutdown on the interconnect wiring. The first Dock was cheap to buy.

TripleHead2Go DP Edition

Presentation or mirrored display mode Right-click an empty space on the desktop, and select Personalize. Select Display Settings When the New Display Detected dialog box appears, the images on both of the displays will be automatically mirrored. Optional To adjust the resolution, so that the display area of the monitors are the same size in the Display Settings window, select a monitor and slide the resolution slide bar.

Click OK to save the setting and exit. The computer is now ready to display the same screen on all output devices, from monitors to projectors. Press the fn and f4 function keys at the same time to switch the image from the notebook display, to the external monitor, or to both.

Nov 13,  · The Mac Mini (HD ) is actually very capable of running multiple (>2) monitors without a sweat. Here is a link to my test setup (5 monitors) – My .

If you’ve never used dual monitors, you may not immediately see the advantages – after all, you can quickly Apple-TAB to any application or use Spaces to switch screens entirely. The dual monitor does offer more screen real estate, but is that really all that useful? Even Microsoft says so, and we know they are always right. And it’s even more useful on a Mac, though before I leave PC’s out entirely, let me mention this interesting use of dual monitors. That’s conceptually similar to what I do for remote support: So how do you set up dual monitors on your Mac?

On my MacBook Pro I have to use an adapter make sure you bring that adapter when you take your Mac out for a ride:

Two monitors on a mac mini late 2012