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Blog Historic Homes The Vermilionville Living History Museum and Folklife Park is one of the world’s largest physical representations of an early Acadian settlement using original structures dating from to Catholicism was the only legal religion in Louisiana before the Louisiana Purchase in Since the Roman Catholic Acadians loved their religion and the priests visited infrequently, the Acadians celebrated la messe blanche a prayer service conducted by laymen.

Slaves practiced the religion of their masters.

View and download Louisiana protection order forms and instructions, including domestic abuse, dating violence, post-separation family violence, stalking, generic restraining orders, peace bonds, bail restrictions, and conditions of release and probation. Pointe Coupee County – .

The revolt[ edit ] In the fall of , the brig Creole, owned by Johnson and Eperson of Richmond, Virginia , was transporting slaves for sale in New Orleans , the South’s major market. It had left Richmond with slaves and picked up another 32 at Hampton Roads, Virginia. The brig also carried tobacco, a crew of 10, the captain’s wife, daughter and niece; four passengers, including slave traders; and eight black slave servants, for a total of on board.

Hewell, one of the slave traders , with a knife. The crew and passengers had only one gun among them, which they never used. One of the slaves was badly wounded and later died. Some others of the crew were wounded but all survived. The slaves took overseer William Merritt at his word that he would navigate for them. They first demanded that the ship be taken to Liberia , which the US had established as a free colony in West Africa.


Nice privately owned home. Located on a pretty busy state highway, so please be cautious. House appeared to be in VERY good condition.

Rejoignez-nous et contactez les résidents de votre région ou bien faites connaissance avec des résidents d’autres régions. Les candidats à l’expatriation sont les bienvenus.

The town’s first recorded Mardi Gras ball was staged in and its first-known parade rolled in Today, as many as 80, people converge on the hospitable Creole town for family-friendly parades. Unlike the exclusivity of krewe parades in New Orleans and elsewhere, New Roads’ parades are civic events, open to public participation. The Community Center Carnival parade, founded in and the state’s oldest outside New Orleans, rolls at 11 a. The New Roads Lions Carnival parade, founded in and which is staged as a charitable fundraiser, rolls at 1: Each consists of as many as 30 floats built and manned by local schools, churches, clubs, businesses and families, as well as eight-ten marching bands and drill units.

New Roads’ narrow, tree-lined streets include outstanding examples of 19th century Creole and Victorian architecture. Over the last decade, new upscale subdivisions and retail establishments have been built along False River Drive between the area known as “Millionaire Row” near Oscar, Louisiana and New Roads. There are also two former high schools located in New Roads: According to the United States Census Bureau , the city has a total area of 4.

Levee breaks or “crevasses” on the Mississippi River to the north and east overbanked False River and submerged all of New Roads in , and

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a second church for Pointe Coupee Parish, it was completed on land donated by Mme. Olinde at New Roads on False River in ; the priests from nearby Pointe Coupee served the parish from the s into the s; in , the parish received its first resident pastor; after the War of , St. Mary at New Roads became the principal church.

Charenton was also the original site for New Iberia. Piquant is French for “pricky” or “prickly”. The Spanish word “picante” means sharp. Apparently there were prickly plants growing in the area. In , settlers from the east bank villages of Cahokia and St. Philippe moved to the west bank in because the territory to the east was given to England at the end of the French and Indian War. The settlement became known as Laclede’s Village, but the official name of St.

La Concepcion Mentioned in a letter by Galvez as one of 5 places established. The exact location is undetermined but it was in the region known as Terre aux Boeufs. Jovial Creole culture was unique.

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Statistical information gathered by DogsBite. Despite being regulated in Military Housing areas and over U. The breakdown between these two breeds is substantial over this 5-year period. From to , pit bulls killed 85 Americans, about one citizen every 21 days, versus rottweilers, which killed 22 Americans, about one citizen every 83 days. Texas filed criminal charges in 2 dog bite fatality deaths in

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Il s’agit de l’Arve et notamment de la Drise. Les experts se disputent sur les racines du mot: On pourrait se contenter de la version de Rabelais: Et les paysans du coin, voyant ce tas grandir sans cesse, s’exclamaient: Des qualificatifs qui voudraient nous faire croire que le mont est inoffensif: Il est rugueux, rocheux, broussailleux. Pour le bien de leurs enfants communs. Rousse, verte, brune, grise, blanche. Les brouillards sont parfois son fond de teint.

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Confederate States of America — The Confederate States, officially the Confederate States of America, commonly referred to as the Confederacy, was a breakaway country of 11 secessionist slave states existing from to It was never recognized as an Independent country, although it achieved belligerent status by Britain. A new Confederate government was established in February before Lincoln took office in March, after the Civil War began in April, four slave states of the Upper South — Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina — also declared their secession and joined the Confederacy.

In spring , after four years of fighting which led to an estimated , military deaths, all the Confederate forces surrendered. Jefferson Davis later lamented that the Confederacy had disappeared in , Missouri and Kentucky were represented by partisan factions from those states, while the legitimate governments of those two states retained formal adherence to the Union.

Efforts by certain factions in Maryland to secede were halted by federal imposition of law, while Delaware, though of divided loyalty.

The Creole case was the result of an American slave revolt in November on board the Creole, a ship involved in the United States coastwise slave slaves gained freedom after the Africans ordered the ship sailed to Nassau, it has been termed the “most successful slave revolt in US history”. Two persons died as a result of the revolt, a black slave and a white slave trader.

Win Date of Manufacture Posted: Fri Jul 04, 4: Fri Jul 04, 3: It’s in 12 gauge, 30″ barrels with interchangeable chokes, and ejectors. This is is a little unique as the timber work is French polished from the factory not oiled or lacquered. The other thing that is a little different, is that all the engraved scroll work on the blued surfaces are gold inlayed, however all the engraved scroll work on the silver surfaces are not infilled.

The case is actually leather exterior and felt lined interior, with gold fittings and hardware. There is a certificate that would seem to indicate it was a limited edition factory custom of some sort number 85 of , which probably explains all the fancy finish and attention to detail. It has the Serial number K xxx. Now, while that does not automatically identify the gun was produced in as production documents can often be used for several years, it does identify that the gun was produced sometime between June and May when production ceased.

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While wood does not have the historical longevity of stone, there nonetheless remain standing some very old wood buildings. In Europe, wood was long a dominant building material dating back to the beginning of civilisation. Most of these ancient buildings are long gone, lost to fire, decay, or deconstruction for another purpose. In the early days of wood construction, the primary structural components were placed directly in the ground, which eventually leads to decay.

Pointe Coupee Parish is one of the oldest settlements in the entire Mississippi Valley. With a recorded history dating from , this area situated at the apex of Louisiana’s “French Triangle” is steeped in history and tradition and rich in promise for the on: LA.

Pointe Coupee is one of the oldest settlements in the Mississippi Valley, dating to the s. French for “a place cut off,” the name refers to the area’s three oxbow lakes, separated from the Mississippi over centuries. Edged by the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers, Pointe Coupee remains a land rich in Creole heritage, distinct in geographical beauty, and abounding in historic homes and farms.

In color images, Sexton artistically portrays the region’s sights: Native American mounds, bayous and lakes, productive agricultural fields and industries, slave cabins and plantation homes, small towns, and family and civic celebrations. Photographs include most of Pointe Coupee’s seventy surviving antebellum structures, along with some of its sixty-two massive trees listed on the Live Oak Society register. A timeline of key events situates the parish’s history within the wider world.

From the Pointe Coupee Coast — where in the early s explorers, soldiers, missionaries, colonists, and enslaved and free people of color began settling the banks of the Mississippi River — to the Acadiana Trail — US , the only four-lane highway in the parish — New Roads and Old Rivers illuminates the history and cultural foundations of the entire state. This arresting portrait of Old Louisiana honors Pointe Coupee generations, past and present.

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