It is no longer, like Maundy Thursday , a day of joy , but one of joy and sadness intermingled; it is the close of the season of Lent and penance , and the beginning of paschal time , which is one of rejoicing. By a noteworthy exception, in the early Church this was the only Saturday on which fasting was permitted Constit. Dating from the time of St. Irenaeus , an absolute fast from every kind of food was observed for the forty hours preceding the feast of Easter , and although the moment assigned for breaking the fast at dawn on Sunday varied according to time and country, the abstinence from food on Holy Saturday was general. The night of the vigil of Easter has undergone a strange displacement. During the first six or seven centuries, ceremonies were in progress throughout the entire night, so that the Alleluia coincided with the day and moment of the Resurrection.

Calculate the Date of Easter Sunday

The word originally denoted the Jewish festival known in English as Passover , commemorating the Jewish Exodus from slavery in Egypt. Paul states, “Get rid of the old yeast that you may be a new batch without yeast—as you really are. For Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed”; [38] this refers to the Passover requirement to have no yeast in the house and to the allegory of Jesus as the Paschal lamb. By the Roman period, however, the sacrifices were performed in the mid-afternoon.

Josephus, Jewish War 6.

Easter is an annual festival observed throughout the Christian world. The date for Easter shifts every year within the Christian calendar. The Gregorian Calendar used by most Western Christian churches is the standard international calendar for civil use.

Now, Christians there are staying away. Mosul, northern Iraq is home to some of the world’s earliest Christian communities. It’s a mosaic of Orthodox and Catholic. The city sits on the ruins of ancient Nineveh, the Assyrian city mentioned in the Bible. But as the Easter season approached this year, the city’s Christians were still displaced in the wake of ISIS, which ran Mosul until last year.

And most say they’ll never return. NPR’s Jane Arraf went to a nearby town where many now live and pray. Chanting in foreign language. Archbishop Nicodemus Daoud Sharaf chants prayers in an ancient language, a dialect of Aramaic – the language that Jesus spoke. As Easter approaches, he’s leading a service at a newly built church on the outskirts of Erbil, 50 miles away. That’s because its St.

Easter Island

Welcome to the history of Easter page. Know about the roots of Easter, the Lent and the Holy week. Scroll down, and unravel the history. Easter and Spring Come March. And the world around you gets geared up to go ga ga on a festive spree. Some skeptics might shrug off the March madness fray, but can’t beat the freak it rolls out of its season of rejuvenation, rejoice and renewal that ushers in with a basketful of new promises and gifts in galore.

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Chronology Radiocarbon dating shows that Easter Island was inhabited by AD, and possibly by the 4th century. This fits in with the tradition that there had been 57 generations of kings since Hotu Matua; allowing an average of 25 years per generation, this takes us back to AD. Some archaeologists suspect that the island must have been settled several centuries earlier. There is of course no evidence — only theories and assumptions — to rule out the possibility that the island was inhabited millennia before this; as mentioned in section 2, some native traditions point to pre-Polynesian settlement.

As already explained, the standard view is that Polynesians discovered Easter Island by chance and that after its initial colonization it was not visited by anyone else until the Europeans began to arrive in the early 18th century. As shown in section 3, the evidence is ambiguous but is certainly consistent with some sort of South American influence alongside the prevalent Polynesian influence.

The island could have received settlers or visitors from both east and west on many occasions. There is clear evidence of different phases of development in statue carving and platform construction, and the insistence that all the archaeological remains must be crammed into a history spanning just years is theory-driven. The rongorongo phenomenon is also difficult to fit into conventional theories about Easter Island. A great deal of excavation work still needs to be done.

At Anakena the present surface of the sandy plains lies 4 m above the bedrock. At Rano Raraku the ground on which the giant statues were set up is often 6 m below the present surface. Different phases are clearly discernible, and may be separated by far longer periods than orthodox opinion allows.

Easter Sunday

In addition to attending special church services, people share festive meals and engage in several non-religious traditions as well. The name Easter is believed to have originated with Ostara, the ancient Anglo-Saxon goddess of the dawn. The Easter bunny was first mentioned in writings from the 16th century. In some areas, the bunny is replaced with a stork or fox.

Yesterday I examined geologist Robert M. Schoch’s attempt to radically revise human history by claiming that the Easter Island writing system, traditionally dated to .

Follow ctmagazine This week, as they so often do, my Sunday School class of bright and year-olds posed a tough question: Though I couldn’t answer on the spot, I knew I had a secret weapon back at the office—saved for just such an occasion: Here, as a public service for those still scratching their heads over the calendrical wandering of Easter, is Dr. Brown’s answer to my Sunday School kids’ question—and thrown in for free, the story of why Easter dates still differ in different parts of the world: The date of Easter Sunday, a so-called movable feast day in the Christian Church year, may seem mysterious to many who celebrate it.

There are 35 possible dates in the spring season northern hemisphere for celebrating a one-time event. The answer comes from decisions made several centuries after Christianity’s inception. And why do most Eastern Orthodox Christian Churches observe Easter occasionally on the same Sunday as the rest of Christendom and at other times as much as five weeks later?

This answer lies primarily in how different people reacted to a centuries-old papal decree. Our first stop on this tour of the wandering Easter is a quick study of how calendars were used in the Biblical lands around 30 A. Although the Julian or solar-based calendar of the Roman Empire had been in place since 45 B.

A Brief History of Easter Traditions

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See Article History Alternative Title: It is famous for its giant stone statues. The island stands in isolation 1, miles 1, kilometres east of Pitcairn Island and 2, miles west of Chile. Forming a triangle 14 miles long by seven miles wide, it has an area of 63 square miles square kilometres ; its highest point, Mount Terevaka, is 1, feet metres above sea level.

Its mixed population is predominantly of Polynesian descent; almost all live in the village of Hanga Roa on the sheltered west coast. The land Relief The small and hilly island is not part of a sunken landmass but is a typical oceanic high island formed by volcanoes rising from the seafloor. Three extinct volcanoes chiefly composed of tuff a porous rock formed of compacted volcanic fragments and joined by their own lava flows give the island its characteristic triangular shape.

Parasitic tuff craters and cones i. Most of these fields are thickly packed with both large and small lumps of cellular and tuffaceous lava that is either black or rusty in colour. Stoneless surface soil is sparse; it is suitable for extensive cultivation mainly in the Hanga Roa and Mataveri area in the southwest, at Vaihu and on the plain southwest of the volcano Rano Raraku, and on the prehistorically cleared Poike peninsula in the eastern corner of the island.

Water from the extremely deep crater of Rano Kao, which is about 3, feet wide, is piped to Hanga Roa. The coast is formed by soft, eroded, ashy cliffs, with a vertical drop of about to 1, feet; the cliffs are intercepted by long stretches of low , hard, and rugged lava formations.

Early/Late Easter

A learned man in literature and astrology, Bede worked to improve souls in 7th-century England. The scholar also did a lot of writing, and while he covered topics from spelling to science, he spilled a lot of ink on the question of which day was the right one to celebrate Easter — a contentious topic back in his day. Should it coincide with the older Jewish celebration of Passover, as some early Christians said it should, meaning it could fall on different days of the week depending on the Jewish calendar?

Which calendar should be used? Catholics said it should be after the spring equinox, but when is the spring equinox anyway? Pagans had celebrated her in a month that became known as Eosturmonath in Old English, he wrote, which corresponds to what we now call April.

A German travel website also claims credit for the invention of the Easter Bunny and the name “Easter” as well: “From the name to the bunny, it’s all German. The name Easter was first appropriated by the Christian calendar.

He wrote and translated numerous saints lives, transcribed debates on heresies, and was known for his work with canon law. Easter cycle inscription of Dionysius Exiguus. Ravenna, 6th cent CE. They are also tools of transition. Whether we are discussing the institution of the Julian calendar or the early Christian one, the structuring of time was and is a potent tool that could be used to underscore and to erase various persons and events.

A 12th century paschal hand calendar on parchment now at the Bodleian Library MS. This would mean that the date he was writing, Anno Diocletiani , would become Anno Domini with his new calculations. A second debate addressed by Dionysius had been raging since the second century: According to the Gospels, Easter had occurred on or near the Jewish feast of Passover, held on the first full moon on the first spring month of the Hebrew calendar. Cast of the possible statue of Hippolytus with paschal calendar from CE Vatican Museums, photo by the author.

Early theologians such as Hippolytus of Rome spent dedicated amounts of time attempting to compute the date of Easter.

The surprising origins of the Easter Bunny — it’s not what you think!

Every year people around the world gather together to celebrate Easter. For many, it is a deeply religious holiday that honors the resurrection of their savior. Others simply see it as a time to hunt for colored eggs and eat candy with family. No matter how you celebrate, the history of Easter is a fascinating study in how cultures intermingle and how religious history becomes part of modern life.

Here are 15 facts you should know about the Easter holiday come time for Sunday dinner.

But how did we get from that event-based organization to sticking with just one primary moment? “The history is very vague, because it takes a long time” to adopt this sort of dating, Hunt says.

Notice About Easter Dating There are three possible Easter dates depending upon the year and your cultural and religious persuasion. Most Easter information elsewhere on the Web is written with the author’s own circumstances foremost. This article gives just the alternatives. In June A. Here is a table showing all Paschal Full Moon Dates: Sadly, many definitions of Easter on the Internet and in Encyclopaedias and Almanacs are misleading, ambiguous and just plain wrong!

This is obvious with the application of plain commonsense. A typical wrong definition is: Of course, Easter is not celebrated in September in the southern hemisphere!

Documentary: The Celebration of Easter – The truth behind it